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I was recently asked, what were my homeruns in my life in the past 2 weeks. In my opinion, life is a journey. It is not a sprint around the bases. Life is not a sine wave centered on 2 week cycles where I am up one moment and down the next. I am not reaching for the next mountain top experience. I live on the mountain top. Oh there may be blind corners, but the path of my journey is always upward. Since my life, my journey is always moving, changing, refining, in an upwards direction, my life is full of hundreds of successes each and every day. So choosing one of these thousands of successes from the past 2 weeks and elevating it to something more special than the others is not practical or meaningful. Whether it is having a wife that loves me, solving a complex problem at work, sharing to friends at work about a new church in Cullman, having a job in a difficult economy, or ministering to people in need or hurt, God is with me and every time I take a step on my journey I am given the opportunity to create another success. However, every so often, a defining moment happens on this journey. But defining moments don’t happen on 2 week cycles. Many times defining moments may not even be recognized until years later. Some defining moments in my life, on my journey are events like me saying yes to God, Jenny saying yes to me, us saying yes to Africa, burying 2 daughters within 3 weeks of each other, or events that are crossroads. In the mean time, know I am not sprinting around bases, I am on a journey and I am creating successes with every step I take on this journey.

Likewise, I was asked what my biggest frustration was in the past 2 weeks. As I noted above, I am on a journey. I am not riding a sine wave. My path is on the mountain top and it is always moving, changing, refining, in an upwards direction. I don’t have time to dwell on the gravel that may be under my feet. My vision is fixed upon the path ahead. However, sometimes there are blind corners and there are challenges that are waiting for you around the bend. But these surprises, these challenges are merely opportunities, an opportunity for God to show up, an opportunity for me to be stretched, an opportunity for other people to be stretched, or an opportunity for a miracle. As I continue my journey, gravel will not slow me down and blind corners may appear and unexpected challenges may be waiting for me around the bend, but these challenges do not define me.

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