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A Thank You Note

I was born, some years ago,
      into a home, of love and joy
I was a gift, from God above,
      to a couple, who knew His love
Uncounted prayers, protected me,
      as faithful servants, sought His face
Encouraged by, your faith in me
      My first steps, did I complete
Joy and pride, burst forth from you
      as I, your son, spoke my first words
My birth and life, I owe to you
      mama and dada, I tank dee both

As a family, we travelled life
      from football games, to Yellowstone
Commitment to, our family
      was clearly shown, in all you did
In a world, of divorce and pain
      in a world, of abuse and sin
Parents like you, are a gift from God
      Parents like you, are dearly loved
My cherished memories, I owe to you
      mommy and daddy, I thank you both

As I grew, and grew and grew
      you introduced, me to my Lord
In word and deed, you modeled Christ
      He is the Lord, and King of kings
Born anew, a brand new life
      John 3:3, shows the way
My faith in God, I owe to you
      Mother and Father, I thank you both

As I close, this thank you note
      a few more things, I must say
Joy and pride, burst forth from me
      for having parents, such as thee
With all my love, I thank you both
      with all my love, I thank you again
Merry Christmas, mom and dad
      with love, from a grateful son


Written & given to Mom & Dad for Christmas 1990
Read at my Mom’s Memorial service, July 7 1996

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